Shutdown after print

I recently saw the slider „shutdown after print“ on the raspi display during a print and tried it right away, because I really found this option very useful.
Unfortunately nothing happened  after the print was finished.
What am I doing wrong or is this a bug? I am running 1.2.2 btw.


  • Sorry, its 1.2.1
  • This button does by default nothing, that is correct. There is no general solution to shut down - some need a remote plug, some have a g-code or a gpio pin on pi. So what it does is execute the Skript in Printer-Config->G-Codes->Event Dependent->Shutdown Printer - so you additional need to add there the command that shuts down your printer.

    BTW: Most printers have no way to do this by default. Natural solution is a wifi plug - but make sure you know there is a url you can send to enable/disable it. In past IFTTT capable plugs were the best option, but now more than 3 scripts of IFTTT require paid plan for IFTTT. 
  • Thanks, I will try…
  • edited December 2021
    So I managed to enter a web action to switch off the printer.
    This one is aktivated by an event driven gcode ;@webAction PrinterOff

    What I would add now is a gcode to shutdown the raspi with repetier server itsself. How can I do that?
    I can‘t find anything in the documentation 
  • You could add an external command where you execute the shutdown command. 
    A full description can be found here: In "Advanced setup"
    You could add the specific @execute command to your end gcode in your slicer or in a specific event like "job finished" in the printer configuration.  
  • So complicated?
    I thought since there is already a shutdown server command in der Raspis Touch UI it should be a bit more straight forward.
  • If you are using our pi image the shutdown command is already implemented. 
    Then just call @execute shutdown after your print job.
  • Great, I knew it! <span>:smiley:</span>
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