Qidi I-Mates or X-Max


Anyone using the I-Mates or X-Max with Serial port?
I checked with Qidi support, on the I-Mates connecting USB to serial will loose Wifi, X-Max could have both. They also confirm that Firmware is not Marlin.

I really like this printer, and now that I have a Repetier Server, I don't want to use a printer without it.




  • Ended up getting the X-Plus and it works fine using the serial/USB connection.

    Only issue I am having is if you turn the printer off, it will not turn on while connected to the Serial/USB. Need to unplug the USB before pressing the power button to turn on.

    If anyone knows how to fix this, please share....

  • Did you try disable/enable in server printer menu as alternative?

    Does server power printer over usb so serial stays on and communicating?

    Also check console with filters disabled to see what is happening. It might give some hints on the problem.
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