Parking position after print

Hey there, its me again, sorry for posting that much ;-)

finally im using the repetier server (via a raspberry pi, would be very awesome if you could provide the latest version of repetier server as docker image) but i have the following problem: when printing directly with repetier host (so no server involved), when it finished printing, the extruder was parked to 0, ?, ? + 1cm, where ? means stay at that position, but now that im using the printer via the server (still slicing and starting the job via host), the parking position seems to be now 0, MAX, ?, and the worst thing is that it moves to that position VERY fast, so to fast for my motors, so they start skipping steps and making an aweful sound. is there a place where i can define this parking position after print? the cooles thing would be for me 0, 0, ? + 1cm




  • Now that i had some more looks into the behaviour, i can describe it a bit better.
    It seems like that the server has its own parking position, so when the print is done, first the normal parking position gets applied (like the above mentioned 0, ?, ? + 1cm), but after it is reached, it tries to move to the following position -X, +Y, ? (this now seems like a relative movement, X and Y are unknown but big numbers, could also imagin that they are MAX_X and MAX_Y, cause the extruder is already on 0 therefore it crashes into the side, but happily my motors prevent the real crash), note also the + for the Y axis, means that the Y axis is getting moved away from the endstop and the X axis into the endstop.
    The behaviour is nearly the same if i just stop a print, but there the (0, ?, ? +1cm) movement is not done.
    I already tried to change some numbers, like the X/Y-Min and the X/Y-Home, also inverting the Y axis, but none of these changes changed anything to the behaviour.
    Also one thing here is very interesting, the movement is VERY fast, feels like that the manual XY-Speed from the settings does not apply there.

    (r: relative movement, a: absolut movement)

    - print is finished on
    (?, ?, ?)a

    - going to park position
    (0, ?, ? + 1cm)a - this is absolutely fine

    - printer moves to a strange place
    (-X, +Y, 0)r - this crashes the extruder into the frame, dont know where to disable this

  • What happens is that server executes the "Run after Job" event dependent job defined in server configuartion->G-Codes->Event Dependent. So all you need to do is modify that script. On pure host print there is a similar script plus it has I think an option for park position. Server has nothing like that, just the scripts that can be set as you wish.

    Note that your slicer might also add an end script that gets executed before.

  • Wow, thanks, that was exactly the problem, had the following gcode as after print: G1 X-65 Y300 F9000, after changing it to G28 X0 Y0 it works like a charm. But i think its a bit strange that this was there already out of the box, could it be that the generation of that code is a bit buggy? seems like it runs in relative mode but is expected to be in absolute mode (and way to fast imho). but still, thanks a lot, wouldnt have tought in looking in there!
  • When you use the printer wizard on recent versions this is created from the data available also x-65 is strange, but maybe printer reported this as x min. F9000 is normally no problem - printers limit speed to a maximum on their own, so if you loose steps with that your firmware max speed is set wrong.
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