Snapmaker 2 Nozzle Temperature


I'm using Repetier Server with a Snapmaker 2 A350. I just startet a huge print and I realized, that Repetier server not showing a nozzle temperature. Firmware is set to "Marlin" which should be okay.  
Any Ideas?




  • Dave you defined an extruder in the server configuration? Or do you see an extruder in gui just not updating temperatures?

    Does console log contain any temperature reports? Need to disable ack and M105 filter to see them.

    M155 S1
    start updating temperatures if none are shown in console?
  • Ahh, that was the point I'm missing, thanks! I don't dare to save the settings now, as I have a longer print running right now (6 days to go) - but after that I will test it right away.

    Thanks a lot!
  • Yes, it worked- great, thanks!
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