Linux Mint 19.3 & Prusa RepRap Guru I3 printer: Communication timeout - reset send buffer block

Using Repetier-Host 2.2.2 connecting to a Prusa RepRap Guru I3 PLA printer.   Works fine if I boot to Windows 10.  I work mostly in Linux Mint 19.3. 

Cannot get printer to handshake correctly.   Continue to get Comm Timeout and Forced Start messages.   I have tried numerous combinations of port speeds and DTS and RTS settings. 

Any thoughts on what the magic config might be?   I have googled and searched this forum and tried the existing suggestions .

Thanks for any assistance and I did donate to support the development team.
Bob Morgenstern


  • Linux natively supports only ansi baud rates for serial connections. We try to modify it with a script, but if that fails due to missing libraries or so it will fail (set baudrate program, sources are included in tar version).

    One solution would be installing repetier-server for communication and use repetier-server connector for printer in host.
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