Printer makes one move at a time after working fine

I recently got a new printer and wanted to use repetier host for the first time with it, and am having weird issues. The printer will work fine for like half an hour or so, and then all of the sudden it will start running a single line of code, stopping, and then the next, and so on. In the readout on repetier a line of “wait” now appears just before almost every ok. What could be causing this problem after it has been working perfectly for around half an hour of the print?

On Mac and MKS gen 1.0 fwiw


  • So you are using mac host?

    What firmware are you using? Only repetier-firmware sends wait by default. Marlin can do but is normally not configured to do so. CBD uses wait with different meaning.

    will show you used firmware.

    For more information, log a print and check the point where it starts +/-100 lines to gasp what changed. Normally a wait means firmware has nothing to do and we continue sending so after that communication normally works well again. That is why it is used after all.
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