Add Note section for each printer (server)

running a small print farm it's nice to know what and when I did certain maintenance on a certain printer.  It would be great if there was an area I could input and edit a few notes tied to a specific printer. 


  • edited December 2021
    Hello. Currently you could create your own notes by using our server language.

    For Example:

    @func setNote note
      @set {{ 'perm.' + config.slug + '_notes'}} {{local.note}} 
    @func showNote
      @dialogStart {{get("perm",config.slug+"_notes", " ")}} "Notes"
        @dialogInputString "Edit Note" editNote default({{get("perm",config.slug+"_notes", " ")}})
        @dialogButton "OK" "@call setNote {{form.editNote}}"
    @call showNote

    save this as a quick Command or as a Wizard. This script will open up a dialog with a single Input field and your note, which will permanently get stored when you close the dialog. 
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