Dashboard: Larger Webcam display.

Is there a way to make the webcam images on the WebGUI Dashboard larger other than hovering over them or using the individual printer display?

I know OctoFarm allows you to set the column settings, 1x1, 3x2, etc.

A setting I'm missing or a css value I can change. If not, could this be a future feature?

My workshop also serves as my den, so as a long print is running I can pull up the WebGUI on the server's monitor (43" TV) and glance at it from my recliner as I'm watching TV or just relaxing and see if there are any issues at a glance. Sure I could always get up and go look, but hey, I'm getting old and lazy, lol.  B)


  • Sorry, but it is not possible to increase dashboard size for printers so webcam is limited to current size.
  • Okies.  ;-)
  • Hehe, found a workaround. Zoom the browser page to 200% and hit full screen.

    A little better for my old eyes while I'm lounging in my recliner across the room.  :p
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