Switch printer + light if G-Code is sent to printer

I want to switch printer and light on if somebody sends a print to that printer using the web-frontend.

No matter, whether printer is on or off, usb voltage avail or not, printer-processor running or not.
Printers are "red" in webfront.

I tried "Ereignisabhängig -> sende bei Druckeraktivierung" or "Sende vor einem Druckauftrag" with in Printer's G-Codes, but this does not work. 

Code I put at "Printer-Activation" and "Send before print"
@execute Mini_Ein  (works when sent from printer console even if printer is off)
@setTimer 0
@waitForTimer 30


  • There is no event for just sending a g-code. "sende bei Druckeraktivierung" is when it goes from "Deaktiviert" to "Aktiv" oder "Verbunden". 
    "Sende vor einem Druckauftrag" is when you start a print.

    Next release will have printJobAdded event that gets triggered when you upload a job to queue. You can write a function that gets called for that event in "sende bei Druckeraktivierung" and add a event monitor to trigger the function. See new server commands now available.
  • Just updated to 1.2.1 but can't find "printJobAdded" at printer settings, G-Codes, Ereignisabhängig.....
    Searching for "new server commands now available".... Did not find anything....

    Where can I write this function?
  • printJobAdded is not an event in the printer settings itself, it's a repetier event, which you can register a function to. To do that add in "Run on printer activation" the following code: 

    @func runGcodeAdded
        @execute Mini_Ein
        @setTimer 0
        @waitForTimer 30

    @callOnEvent "printJobAdded" runGcodeAdded

    and in "Run on printer deactivation": 
    @removeCallOnEvent "printJobAdded" runGcodeAdded

    You can find a list of events in our API documentation and all server commands in our manual or in the quick help when you click the button "Show help" in the Gcode settings
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