Connect an Elegoo Neptune 2D

I just picked up an Elegoo Neptune 2D dual extruder printer.

Connecting to Repetier Server seems to go okay but when I try to heat up the hotends the temperature stays set for extruder 2 for a a short time then turns off. Heating seems to be both extruders at once when sending a print from Cura, though extruder 2 is heating up it still says  200/off even though it IS heating up to 200 degrees.

I'm sorry if this seems like little information to go on, I am having some issues personally that are keeping me from concentrating. I'm a military vet as well as 20+ years as a First Responder/Firefighter so I suffer from a great deal of PTSD, as well as I'm getting older and coming to grips with a few physical challenges to things that I used to take for granted.

If more information is needed please let me know.


  • This is not a full dual extruder - it has only one nozzle and heater. 
    In server configuration->Tools->Second extruder I think you must select extruder in the field "Extruder managing Temperatures" then server knows, both are controlled by extruder 1 temperature. Only the motors driving filament differ.
  • Yeah, messing around with some other stuff I found some info that led me to that line of thought.

    I just didn't know how the Repetier settings were looking at it until how.

    Many Thanks!
  • Again MANY thanks for the response. I checked that setting and so far so good!!!!   :)
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