Add default usefull command.

Can add that to default commands?

M503 - Report Settings

Print a concise report of all current settings (in SRAM) to the host console.

just as a suggestion.

Thank you. Good job!


  • Why? I mean we send it to update settings automatically - there it makes sense since we then check for the values and copy them to be used.  I guess you mean the connection command list to add it. What do you see we could gain with it? M115 is send to see capabilities of firmware and enable some special functions like autoreport temperatures.
  • To be sure...

    Some printers like Ender 3 or Artillery x1 do not allow saving in Eeprom. So to modify this, I have in the beginning of my files the acceleration and speed settings that I prefer. (This is a CURA legacy, before using repettier server).
    There are values stored in the eeprom and there are volatile values.
    What I want is to be able to read those volatile values that will be cleared when restarting the printer.
    M503 could work?

    What I am proposing is different from reading the values from the eeprom. I think...

    It does nothing just write values to console, so no help.

    There is a run on connect g-code in server where you can store your prefered values - that way you get them on start and only need to set them there and not on every gcode. That way you can also change them without uploading new gcodes with them inside. Plus when you scan for settings you get them as values in server settings. Only in the config function the response get used to update settings. Everything else is just considered due to temporal changes as they are possible.
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