Ignore Files With Same Name - Server Monitor

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Due to the large amounts of GCode we use and the constant refining, changing and adding new GCode to Repetier, I use a script that just copies all my local Gcode files in to the Server Monitor's Gcode upload directory once I've made changes.

I currently use  "Delete Existing Files With Same Name" on Server Monitor, but it puts a massive strain on the repetier server as it will delete and re-upload 600+ new Gcodes every time I do this. 

"Keep Existing Files With Same Name" doesn't work because I'll then end up with duplicates.

Is it possible to simply have an "Ignore Files With Same Name" option? At least this way I can manually delete the GCodes i know i want to be updated and not strain the server or end up with duplicates.

An alternative option would be to have Server Monitor not delete the files from it's gcode directory after uploading them to the server. That way I could just make sure the local robocopy script can ingore the files it needs to ignore instead?



  • Unfortuantely that is not possible. This is not a copy of server instance - otherwise if you have monitor on 5 computers it would need to sync all data to all. It is just an upload helper that uploads all files dropped there. This can only be known because the file is there. That way you can even drop files when monitor is not running and it will upload once it starts.

    What you need is a timestamp in your script. Remember newest file uploaded on last run and just upload files that are newer then that file. Or just touch a file on script end for timestamp so you know which one is newest. Then compare date with that date and upload newer ones. That way only changed files get uploaded.
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