Shutdown on error

If I wanted the printer to shutdown on error (mintemp, motor issues... literally any error state at all)... What would be the best way of doing this? I checked the Event Dependant GCodes but there's nothing mentioning errors?


  • Difficult question - first what do you mean with shutdown? Does printer have a controllable power plug or something like that?

    Then it really depends much on printer firmware and how it signals error. On serious errors we stop a running print, so if what you want is some action when a print stops due to an error, just add your action to "Run if job is aborted" also this means to stop when you hit stop button.

    An other solution is to check the message of your firmware and add the action in "Replacements" gcode where you monitor for a serious error. E.g. marlin error messages start with "Error:" or have the word "kill() called" or start with !! - depends a bit on version and fork.

  • Sorry yes I should have said, I use tasmota/sonoff plugs to control my printer sockets.

    I just remember an option in the tasmota Octoprint add-on that shut my printers down when any error occurred, so wanted to do the same thing here.

    I'll look into how it interprets messages and "Replacement" gcodes thanks!
  • There is also a shutdown on idle script. That would disable printer if print is finished or shutdown and cooled off and printer is idle for x seconds. Just as an alternative.
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