Touchscreen problems

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Im writing that in english but im german so a german answer would be the same welcome .

Im using a original 7" Tocuscreen on my Pi3B. That worked fine for months (Pro Version 1.2 now), now the screen is without function.

When i restart the server the Repetier logo ocurs and after its gone the backlight of the screen remains on but no more display on the screen. Over the network i can use the server. I tried to make another installation on another SD Card and there it works so i think its a problem of the old installation not a hardware problem. My question is now can i repair the old installation or how can in bring all the configurations to the new installation. If i understand it correct with the monitor i can just backup and restore the data within one installation not bring the data to another installation. If im using the function "Safe configuration" of one printer i got the message its saved but i have no idea where and i cannot find it.

best regards and many thanks in advance


  • You can use monitor to copy everything. Put in old sd card and backup the pi. Shutdown and put in new sd card. Connect monitor with new pi and use restore to put data back. After that the sever will get back the old id with all configs (if you restored these parts).

    Save printer config just saves the printer settings. If it did not ask then in your download folder configured in the browser.

    And yes, I think the old sd card got a defect so chrome or something else did not work correctly any more. Make sure to always shutdown and then unpower pi. That makes sd cards last much longer.
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