RepetierIntegration with RepetierServer, print abort not erased and y crash

Good day
I print via Cura on the RepetierServer with RepetierIntegration.
When canceling I have a problem, the printer is not removed from Cura. After a while the pressure plate comes out completely, stupid if you are already standing in front, then no. If the prints are removed in RepetierHost, the problem is not.

What am I doing wrong?

With kind regards


  • Not sure what you mean. Just installed the plugin for testing (it is not from us so can not say anything about it). Started a print and stopped it with abort. It stopped and was put inside the print queue since it was not finished correctly, so you can restart without uploading again. That is expected behaviour.

    Main problem is that the plugin does not show models and print queue. So you need to delete the queue for a new print to start. Seems like the plugin author does not allow printing when queue is not empty.
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