Maintenance Module


 I love your software, currently running 17 printers spread across 5 networked windows computers in my small print farm. As you can imagine, keeping up on the regular maintenance of 15+ printers can become quite a challenge. Ideally, you want to replace known wear parts (belts, nozzles, etc) on an hour based schedule so you can replace parts before failure.

I know that through Repetier Monitor, I can log all prints and see how many hours each printer has been used each month. I use this on a regular basis. What I would love to see is a maintenance module that can show reminders in the Server Monitor window for each printer showing that regular maintenance is required. Ideally this would be user programmable and maybe change the printer window to yellow or red.


- Every 100 hours - Replace Nozzle
- Every 200 Hours - Check Belts & Bearings
- Every 400 Hours - Replace Bowden Tube, Belts


I think this would be a great feature for larger print farms. I would love to hear your thoughts.



  • That is an interesting thought and something that really makes sense for users with big usage only using server. I have put it into our todo list for future versions, also other issues currently have priority. But I think it will come one time.

    Maybe we the add a wrench warning icon when a planned maintenance is due. But I also think that some parts are not only time dependent, so will be more complicated. I mean if you have 2 nozzles and 90% uses nozzle 1 then nozzle 2 does not need to be replaced. Also for nozzle the amount of filament printer is more important then print hours, while for belts the motion amount might be of more importance. So we need to add usage counters for several parts that we can reset.
  • Thank you for considering the idea.

    I look forward to hopefully seeing it implemented in the future.
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