Heating bed and excruder too hot

I'm using slic3r on windows 10. Repeater ignores my heat settings. It will heat the bed to like 90°c and the excruder to like 190°c I've looked at like all the other settings
I can change the temps in manual mode but the first layer is still fucked and causes my floats n skirts n stuff to bond with my prints.
I'm using an artillery sidewinder X1 V3
I have not tried to use another slicing algorithm so idk if it's slic3r or other settings
Pid cooling settings are factory as well as firmware
I have all windows drivers and updates
I'm kind of a noob so lemme know if I missed any info that would be usefull


  • This thing is str8 ignoring commands I killed the print half way through heating up but it just kept heating up
  • Slic3r takes temperatures from filament you have choosen. There is a separate temperature for first layer. Check them, check what host sends. Interesting are M104/M109 for nozzel and M140/M190 for bed temperatures. These should match temperatures in filament setting.
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