Supported IP Camera's ?


I am new here and just installed the server on a Ubuntu box yesterday and I am loving it so far.
Been trying to find an IP camera on Amazon that supports http mjpeg and jpeg streams. Any camera I find that may suit my needs/budget, seem to support rtsp only (including some of the cameras I already have).

Been searching and confirming on for 2 hours now, can't seem to find a decent option.

  • Is there a way to make rtsp work?
  • Is there a list of supported cameras?

If answer is no for the above questions, can users please reply with cameras that that work for them please.




  • Sorry mjpg streams are the only format we can intercept and proxy at the moment, so only valid format.

    I have no list also al with mjpg should work if they have no user authentification or basic authentication in get url is working.

    I have one working, but it fairly old so not sure if it still exists: Wansview NCL616P
  • Hi, on you have a good database to check if a camera may be supported.

    Would be nice, if you implement ONVIF support, this would help a lot.
    ffmpeg and webbrowsers should support nearly any output format.
  • Not sure it is worth investing so much time as 99% use simple webcams and even with onvif we currently need the mjpg stream url. It is the only thing we can work with. Not even sure if that standard would help here, also i saw at least mjpg mentioned. But since you seem to be more familiar and maybe even have a supported webcam - how would onvif work? Does it detect all webcams in your network and deliver the mjpg url for each? Just so I do not need to read all the specifications. I mean that would be cool if we get a list of available webcams in our network just by a function call in a library:-) But I fear it is much more complicated.
  • Everyone uses cheap simple webcams, of cause, nothing other is easily supported!

    why does it have to be mjpg ???

    More information on ONVIF in german :

    How do you implement the streaming URL in repetier?
  • To play rtsp streams in nearly any HTML5 capable browser, you can use sth. like this:
  • I'm no pro in video formats, but how it works is any webcam delivers video to server and we convert it into multiple streams depending on how much watch in parallel. So videos are recoded inside server for each client. That must work without big cpu utilization and clients must be able to understand the format. Maybe it would work with rtsp but as I understand it is a container format to include other formats, so it gets at least much more complicated. Plus on client side mjpg is solved as img updated over websockets (real mjpg easily creates backbuffer on slow connections so we drop frames to get no lag). RTSP is video tag. All solvable with some infos about formats, but complicated. So my guess is that it would take 1-2 month to do such an update until it works stable on all clients plus I need backward compatibility so I can fallback to mjpg I fear for older clients. So newer clients would give hints on capabilities with a new parameter so we can select best format if available. But I surely have to learn more about videos and which formats can be converted/recoded on the fly. rtsp should be able to do this I think so would be first choice.
  • Nicht falsch verstehen - eine Verbesserung ist geplant, aber wegen des hohen aufwands kommen andere sachen wie der Slicer zuerst. Ich will auch interne webcams irgendwann direkt selber unterstützen damit keine 3rd Party software notwendig ist.
  • I too have been battling this. Today I was able to locate the proper url for an http session for mjpg. I am using an amcrest ip3m-941. However, I think the login aspect is preventing me from using the url in repetier server.

    This link works when used in a browser.


    User and password are replaced with my actual credentials. 

    subtype 1 was needed for the secondary stream which supports mjpg.

    In a browser it comes up fine. But pasting the same thing in the webcam section of repetier doesn't work. There was something in the conversation above about authentication but it wasnt really clear.

  • What this url does is automatically inserting user/password to basic auth. So if in browser you see the stream directly it should also work in server. But if that just returns a html page containing a <img> tag with the stream it will not work. You can test this in server if you open developer tools first and then enter the url. See the first response in network tab - if it is a mjpg it is good. If it is html code you need the href in <img> tag instead, eventually with authentication. Or just right click on the image and copy image url - it might miss authorization part though if embedded in html.

    Also if it was correct in config and does not work there it might still work in printer view as they use different solutions to show the stream. If that is the case let me know. I have no webcam with that authorization method, but had tested it with a external webcam a while ago.
  • Well, I tried it in developer mode but dont seem to see either html or mjpg. I see the GET with the url I set and I see response headers but the "response" tab is blank. I must be missing something. I would paste a screen shot but I dont see how to do that here. I have a wireshark log as well and I see the get but all responses are tcp, not http. I can send that as well. 

  • Didn't you say the url in chrome directly works? Or were you checking the server?

    You can use to upload images and post here. No registration needed if I remember correctly.

    If you have a working external link from outside for the webcam I can also check directly. If that would be ok for you, send me a PM so it is not public and I check it here in my browser and in server to see why it fails. Point camera to something you do not care as long as it is semi public.
  • Yes the link did work in chrome. What I was saying is that when I looked at the debug window in chrome I didn't see anything that looked like html or mjpg, even though the image showed up fine. The link below should show you what I saw. I am probably just in the wrong window. Its the network pane. I also included the wireshark log. I will work on getting the camera exposed as well.!AuMjrbCZkL1ohO9B_NlWtR5i_yCzCA?e=DeoLpV

  • Looks actually quite good, but the $ in your password might be the problem. You can try replacing it with %24 but not sure if that works in server. If you can change it to something without special chars and then maybe it works directly.

    Responsetype is multipart/x-mixed-replaced which is exactly what mjpg needs, so that seems to be the stream. You can normally see no response data as that is an ongoing stream with new images flooding so it never stops to get a final response. But you should see the video in chrome with the link. When I copy a mjpg stream url in chrome I see it. Does not work on all browsers - some need it embedded.
  • That was it! the $ . 
    thanks. I will remove the cam from the port forward.
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