Printer Control view, freezes in phones.

Printer Control view, freezes in phones. I think this are related to an excessive draw lines in live view witch complex layers.

Do you think you could do something about it?


  • Yes, complex layers are very cpu heavy due to many canvas operations.
    There is currently no way to reduce this usage.

  • Could you put a control to activate or deactivate the drawing in real time? Maybe this helps.
  • Have to think about this. After all, without the view it does not make much sense to be in the tab. On pc you could do same in console tab but on mobile it is hiding the right function bar.
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    For my without realtime view is good. I use it to control nozzle without need to scrol between menus in the printer.
    Generally the problem is I use the control tab without print active and all is fine, but when I will go back with a print active this will be the default tab and freeze this and other tabs for this printer.

    Maybe view only the red dot with the nozzle position without the full path of the layer may help.
  • What I'd really like is a solution that detects cpu usage so it can disable it self. After all ui is hard to use when it is busy all the time.. Or limit frames so we can follow again. Like adding data but only updating view every 0.1 second. We need to play with that.
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