Send file to print freeze rest of printers 1 second.

When I send file to print by direct upload or library freeze rest of printers 1 second during background process.

In past Repetier versions, I think this doesn't happen.


  • On which device? Sending has bigger write load so on slow sd cards it might cause a small delay. But need to verify that, also I know we have not added any extra work on upload. Still the same function (gcode analysis). 
  • The problem happens when you send to print from the library. It is 1 second, right at the moment where it finishes processing and loads the job in the printer.

    I have configured to download heavy work on my desktop pc, but on my pc the version is older (1.1.0), perhaps it is not delegating the work due to the difference in versions between the desk and Pi4. I have to update the program on my PC and check it.

    I will record a video if necessary.

  • I'm unsure what you are referring to with library? Is that some own software? A video would be great to see the exact moment you mean and also what you mean and which action it causes.
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