After connecting to Repetier Server my printed doesn't turn on without it...

hi guys,

so i have connected my QIDI X-MAX to Repetier Servia via Raspberry pi. I have connected the QIDI mainboard via UART/Serial pins and then to Pi USB... After going through the setup everything worked, well with minor quirks but after fine tuning everything works great. 

Then i disconnected the Pi from the power to move it to another place and turned off my printer... then i wanted to turn on the printer before connecting Pi to USB.... nothing, my printer is dead!

Then i've connected the power to the Pi and QIDI Serial to Pi USB and turned on the printer again, it works... 
i can repeat this over and over with the same outcome: If Raspberry Pi is connected my X-MAX works, if i disconnect Pi and restart the printer, it doesn not turn on.

Now, i would very much like to be able to choose, to use Repetier whan i want and to disconnect and use my original printer when i want. 

What repetier did to my printer to allow it to power on ONLY when Pi with repetier is connected?

Many thanks,


  • We do nothing like that. But it sounds like your printers on board 5V regulator is defect or not used. When you connect to pi the printer board gets 5V power from usb 5V line. Normally when you disconnect usb a on board 5V converter powers the board.

    Some boards have a switch if power should come from USB or main power. So if it is no defect, it might just be that the switch is on USB and that board has no fallback to main power.
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