1.2.0 - UI Crash with Multiple Printers on "Stop"


I have been using repetier for a while now and recently upgraded to 1.2.0.  I am running on an RPI 3 and it works fine.  I have 4 printers (Repetier-Firmware dev branch).

As of 1.2.0 there is a weird "bug" where if I start a job on one of the printers and cancel it (specifically with the reset button on the LCD screen - rep-rap screens) it will cause a scenario where:
  • The remaining printers already printing will continue to print properly
  • In Repetier-Server Monitor 1-2 of the printers will vanish and the other 2 will be visible on the same RPI
  • The printer I cancelled the job on will stay visible but be stuck in a "starting job" state, the stop and pause buttons do nothing
  • The actual printer on the screen shows nothing, just "Printer Ready"
  • Attempting to visit the web UI at 192.168.0.x shows the header bar but no content, console shows no errors
  • Attempting to visit the touch UI shows the UI but in the printers area it shows "No Printers"
The only fix becomes to reboot the RPI.  The existing print jobs continue fine (yep, Repetier is stable and that rocks) but it's annoying.  I can reproduce it at will, it only started at 1.2.0.  There are no errors in the console, etc to provide sadly. 


  • Please see personal message.
  • Thank you.  Just to anyone else reading this - I run a print farm and my issues are not reflective of everyday Repetier-Server usage, the system is VERY stable and a superior option to everything else I have tested. I am not a fanaboy nor do I work for Repetier, but if you are not sure about it - be sure, Repetier is amazing.

    After today I can also say the programmer is passionate and serious about the project.  This bug report is being addressed with the utmost urgency and sincerly the most superior customer service I have experienced in 14 years of working in the industry.  Thank you to Repetier and everyone who supports this project. Happy printing.
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