1.2.0 - No "Layer" info on printer?


I recently upgraded the server to v1.2.0, my printers all run Repetier-Firmware the latest dev branch (1.0.5 I think).

Prior to the upgrade of the server the primary displays always showed the file name, percentage, layer x / x and then the ETE at the bottom.

After the update the displays are not showing layer counts anymore, is this intentional?


  • The layer never came from firmware. They came from server sending M117 for the status line. You need to have Show on Printer LCD Status rotate or layer. Is this case. If so I need to recheck if I broke rotation somehow. Will also check my self when back. Setting should not have changed on update.
  • This can be closed for now, we have spoken and Repetier has AMAZING customer support.  Thank you for listening and investigating.  
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