Repetier-Server 1.2.0 Display Issues with Single Printer


After upgrading to Repetier Server Pro 1.2.0 (it's running on the official Pi image) I am now having display issues with single printer displays.  A server with 4 printers is fine, but the single printer appears to have an issue with setting the width of the boxes in the grid on the main dashboard? Almost looks like a flex* issue, but not sure what you are using for layouts.   <-- image of issue

Browser is: Chrome / Vivaldi / Edge (tried all 3) on Windows 10. 


  • Very strange. Tried with 1 printer as well and it looked good. The problem seems that the center part is much too narrow also there is enough space left.

    Is this also happening with temperature view instead of camera or if you are not printing?
    When you add a virtual printer does it get wider?

    Can you reload while debug tools are open? Just in case it is a old css causing the error.
  • Hello. Could you provide us the printer XML so we can try to find the issue? 

  • Happens on both views temp and camera.  I deleted and re-added the printer, full cache reload forced, same thing, no errors in debug tools at all. I tested on mobile browsers too and got the same result.

    Here is my Ender3Max.xml file:
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