Repetier Host on a Pi 400

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Hi Guys, I am new to just about everythinglinux.
I have bought a Pi 400 and want to install Repetier Host on it to use it much as I use Repetier Host on my Windows PC.

I pretty much followed the instructions in the readme file and got to the point where it told me that I now have the file repetier-repetierHost.desktop, I kept everything in the downloads dir so as not confuse myself.
The problem I have is that no matter which file I click on either nothing happens or the file opens as a txt file. also, although if I dir the repetier dir in the console i see the desktop file but if I click on the repetier dir to get a listing, the file is not there to copy to the desktop as instructed by the readme file.
Any idea's anyone? 


  • You know that also host it self is a mono app, the slicer and set baud rate app are compiled for intel processors? You need to later replace them with arm version. But actually it is not the best thing to use  Repetier-Host on a pi - it is quite resource hungry so it is easy to use more ram then you have. If you have 4 or 8GB it might work to some extent.

    You can only start files with double click if they are executable. Did you already run the configure first script to create the files as needed and install required dependencies? You should then have a script repetierHost I think it is that starts the host.

    If you check the forum you should find some more information on running host on pi.
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