Calibration/QC Tab

First of all, thanks for the wonderful job that you have done with the Repetier software. 
Has the idea of a "Calibration/QC" tab been proposed or discussed yet?
I would like to see one that has programmable buttons (text on button is also programmable) to simply the process of doing bed leveling/checking probe repeatability/etc. It should reside next to or before the SD card tab.
I would also like to see some type of a logger in the same tab that I can reset which will tell me the amount of filament that has gone through a hot end. Could be helpful in determining when a hot end or nozzle should be replaced or if it has suffered a premature failure.


  • Not sure if this will come as it can be quite printer specific.

    Our new  Repetier-Server now has the ability to easily write wizards with gcode where you can du such things easily. Actually if you add a new printer with wizard the demo wizard is the manual bed leveling going to edge points of bed and center, so you can see how to write it. 

    We are working on more demos for our online documentation. Extruder calibration is also a good example here that we might write.

    Also you can run host with server connected, the wizards use html dialogs so you need to run them in the web interface, but there it is then possible.
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