v1.53 having graphics issues (regression)


There seem to be a regression between V1.53 and V1.50 (I never installed the versions inbetween), at least on my old Thinkpad T61 running Win7 32-bit.

I first used V1.0.6 that was customized for MTW. The 3D view had troubles, not being rendered properly (no variation of colors, but just one color for the viewed part).
However, the generic V1.0.6 did not have these issues, so I permanently switched to it about 2 or 3 weeks ago. I then upgraded to V1.50, which was still perfect. Today, I upgraded to V1.53 and the graphics issues are back.

I vaguely remember reading the release notes when prompted to upgrade, but I cannot find them after the upgrade. It would be nice to be able to go back to an older version in such a regression case. Maybe I did not find the page with release notes (or change log) and older versions.

Something must have changed with the 3D graphics.

Thanks a lot for a fantastic piece of software!


  • There had been problems that users could not use the host with the new OpenTK library, so 1.5.3 now uses the old one it always used in older versions where we had no complains. That should be the only difference. Both of these show normal colors, but you can replace the OpenTK* libraries now with the new one of 1.5.0 if you like.

    Make sure you have in preferences enabled the lights in 3d settings or you would also only see 1 color.
  • Thanks for the information.
    Indeed, replacing the 3 OpenTK dll files found in the installation directory of Repetier-Host fixed the issue.
    As a side note, the repetier-host installer ignores the installation path typed in and always installs in a directory called Repetier-Host, possibly overwriting another version already there. Not a big deal, but I thought I'd mention it.

    The new OpenTK 1.1.1664.6217 shipped with V 1.5.0 works for me.
    The old OpenTK 1.1.804.3121 shipped with V 1.5.3 is causing color depth issues.

    The problem is not related to the lights in preferences, but it is a color bit depth issue.
    With the old version, I need to switch my color depth from 32-bit to 16-bit, and the stl part is rendered in a reddish color, but at least I can see it. If I leave the color depth at 32-bit with the old OpenTK version, it is just a blob without any details. And rendering is very slow too.
    With the new version of OpenTK, I can leave the color depth at 32-bit and everything works fine.

    Note that for anything to work at all with either the old or new version of OpenTK and avoid an out of video memory error, I need to use slow rendering in Repetier and I need to change the settings in my Intel graphic card settings:
    In Graphics Properties, 3D Settings, I change Depth Buffer Bit Depth from Default to 24 (not 16). I also change Driver Memory Footprint from Normal to High (not sure if it makes a difference).

    I suspect that the old OpenTK library is not working well with older Intel Graphics cards.
    I do not know what issues were caused by the new version of OpenTK so that you reverted to an older version. In any case, I'll keep patching in the new version. 

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