G-code folder for virual SD card setup in Klipper


Could you please point me to the path folder where g-codes are uploaded on the raspberry pi. I have tried to search for it with WinCSP but I have never been able to find it


  • They are in /var/lib/Repetier-Server/printer/<printerSlug>/models along with extra generated files needed by server. But do NEVER copy files there!!! Only use server upload function for adding/deleteing the files or server will not do what you expect.
  • Hi, I managed to unblock my virtual sd issue and use the lcd menu to select and printe files. However and as you mentioned, for every file there are extra files generated making a mess in the folder. Is the a way to get a folder with the source file only and without renaming (every file starts with 00001 or smth).
  • You can use projects for this. stored in /var/lib/Repetier-Server/projects/.... 
    So make a project for klipper. G codes get stored in one folder and no extra files get created.
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    I have created both a project and a folder for testing purpose. From the web interface, for me to be able to upload a G-code, I need to open the project and upload the file from there. What I would like to achieve is to be able to make it from the printer tab of my printer configuration. Is there a way to make it from there and changing the default upload g-code folder or I will have to enter the project everytime I want to upload a file ?

    Same issue when using prusa slic3r with repetier set as host upload, every G-code that I send goes to the models folder. Is there also a way to change it and get the same file uploaded (without additional files) into the same folder than above ?

  • No that is not possible. Problem is you want to misuse something for something I do not understand.

    Why do you want to upload gcodes to klipper? I mean when server sends it you get all the nice things like time, progress, preview but not when printer sends a gcode on it's own.
  • Let's keep it simple and focus on the prusa slic3r export.

    When I export a file to repetier server from my prusa slicer tool, it goes straight to the models folder with the extra files generated. If I want to transfer it to the project folder, I need to make it manually from the web interface and copy to project.

    I would like this file to goes straight to the project folder that I have selected for my virtual SD card. The purpose of it is just to get rid of these extra files who makes the folder a total mess.

  • The folder is not meant to be read by humans. It is internal data storage.
    Direct redirection is not possible. How would we know that uploading should not work any more? After all all uploads use same api so that would break the complete software and of course copy to which project is still unanswered then.
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    Does is mean that there is no workaround to this, even with a script or something? By workaround, I am meaning accessible from the lcd menu, without extra files and manual intervention ?

    For now, there only that that is working for me is made of 3 steps:

    1. Send the g-code from prusa slicer to repetier server
    2. Go to my printer print tab and copy the g-code to the project
    3. Print the g-code from the lcd screen menu or from the server
  • Exactly. By design the gcode folder is for printing and I see no simple script solution to modify that. Project were never meant to print and actually what they do is copy the file to job folder or model folder to do the print.
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