Idle power off time

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Could we make this function run every X time after the maximum temperature value of the extruder is exceeded?

I make the filament changes from the printer screen and sometimes I let the extruder heat up and I forget about it with the consequent wear of the teflon tube in the barrel.

If this function is activated whenever there are no jobs in progress and the extruder temperature exceeds the limit, it would allow to turn off the heater block if I do not make the change after X seconds.


  • Actutually this is explicitly forbidden for the case that a user is printing from sd card. As we don't see this we do not want to disable temperature and power of in that case.

    Starting with next release 1.2.0 you can write real gcode script. I took this as a test and write a test for it. So once 1.2.0 is out add this scrip into "Run on Connect" event dependent script and it will disable temperature when idle for 10 minutes and extruder is hot. It only tests first extrude rbut you can easily modify it for more extruders to test.

    ; Check temperature every 60 seconds and disable if extruder is hot for 10 minutes
    @func temperatureCheck
      @echo Temp Set {{ext_0.temp_set}} act {{ext_0.temp}}
      @set global.hotCount {{get('global','hotCount',0)}}
      @if {{not(job.running) && (ext_0.temp_set > 30 || bed_0.temp_set > 30)}}
        @set global.hotCount {{global.hotCount + 1}}
        @set global.hotCount 0
      @if {{global.hotCount > 10}}
        @echo Reset temp {{global.hotCount}}
        M104 T0 S0
        M104 T1 S0
        M140 S0
      @timedCall tempertureCheckTimer 60000 temperatureCheck

    @timedCall tempertureCheckTimer 60000 temperatureCheck

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