Printer manual control (move) does not move the correct distance for XY axis. Z axis work fine

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Dear support,

Could you please help me to figure this out. I am running my Voron V0 with Klipper and repetier Server. Everything works fine except when I move my X and Y axis manually from the console. It does not matter which number I select (0.01, 1, 10, 50...), the printer moves the same distance. However, when I use a g-code, it works fine. 

To be noted that I am not having this issue with the XY axis only. Z axis is working as expected


  • You should activate commands in console and see what actually gets send. Especially the first move depends on the entered homing position also in newer version when you wait until homing is done it fetches the official position.

    Note that we normally send absolute positions and the shown xy position should also change by the move distance. In my tests this happened.
  • Hello,

    The only workaround that I have found to fix this issue is to edit the home cmds and add one line with the M114 cmd.

    Now it is working very fine.

  • Just what I said. You said xy home position is 0/0 and from last screenshot it looks like it would be 120/120 so does not match printer config. M114 helped here.
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