Upload a file to SD CARD when connected to a printer with Repetier-Server


Tested on:
Repetier-host version: 1.6.2 and 2.2.2
Repetier-server version: 1.1.2
Repetier-host platform: Windows 10 64bit
Repetier-server platform: Ubuntu Server 18.04.5
3D printer firmware: Repetier

The button for SD CARD uploading is disabled when connected to a printer with repetier-server. The problem doesn't exist when the printer is connected directly with the USB cable.
I tried to workaround the problem by using scripts with M28,M29 commands but scripts have limited length so they don't allow to send long gcode files. Is there any reason why this button is disabled or is it a bug?

Best regards,
Wojciech Nowak


  • Server is written to do the sending on it's own and therefore does not support sd cards at the moment. It is not possible to send a file to sd card over server without server adding extra commands to the file. So that is why the option is disabled.
  • Thanks for the response. Just from curiosity: what commands would the server add to the file?
  • e.g. M105 temperature query and more if you have some settings that react on messages. And anything send for actions you trigger like move/home. When firmware supports auto report temperature you might come away with storing it. But it is not 100% sure.
  • Thanks for the response. When the printer is turned on for the first time and no one is logged to the server, is it ok to assume that no data would be sent on the COM port? Or is it as you said:
    Repetier said:
    (...) But it is not 100% sure.

  • It does not matter if someone is logged in. Temperatures are queried all the time. Exception is if firmware supports autoreport temperature, then we just activate it and do not need to query every second.
  • I can't find any description whether repetier firmware has autoreport temperature. However in code I can see that temperature is written:
    - for M105 response
    - during heating bed and extruders
    - autopid
    So I assume repetier server is forced to query M105 when the printer is using repetier firmware, am I right?
    As a workaround I'm thinking about changing ownership of COM port so that repetier server can't open it, then upload to SD card and revert permissions. Is server trying to open port periodically or not? I'm thinking of it only because when I upload gcode and start printing through repetier-server I get a serious error and the printing is stopped. It seems like Y coordinates are reverted because the bed is going in the opposite direction. However when printing the same GCODE from SD card there are no such problems. Any suggestions what I can do to fix this?
  • It depends on the age of repetier-firmware. Latest version have autoreport. Server detects this when M115 report Caps:AUTOREPORT_TEMP:1 or similar and then sends M155 S1 to enable it. 
    Server trie sport periodical, but when you deactivate printer it stops trying to do so. So all you need is deactivate printer for upload. But since upload is slow anyway, normally the fastest way is to put the sd card to your computer and copy the file directly.
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