Send notification when bed temperature is below X

Prints are difficult to remove from a freshly printed heated bed.
It would be interesting to incorporate some functionality, as well as we have the Ready state, Printing, new Cooling state.

The condition could be after successful job completion until the bed temperature reaches X degrees.
When this is fulfilled, send notification and go to Ready state.

We already have the cooling speed value within the printer parameters, so this time could even be incorporated into the printing time calculation.


  • This requires programming logic in gcode or some extra plugin. Fortunately the next update supports functions and time limited firmware response parsing. So with the next update this should be solveable with some of the new server commands. You even get direct access to temperatures wanted/measured that you can use in gcode scripts.
  • Could you provide a sample and instructions on how to set this up?   I think this may be a fix I need.

    I have an issue with my prusa MK2.5.  When the hot-end temp drops below a certain threshold the printer goes into "thermal runaway".   Currently RS continues to print as if nothing has happened.   I would really like for RS to notice when this happens and pause the print.  But a notification would be very helpful.  
  • Hello. Cou can add a event in "Response to Event", which will be triggered by a custom firmware-message and add there the @pause command. 
    But that would be only sympthom preventing. 
    Did you try to make a PID Tuning? A thermal runaway is usually the sign for a incorrect configuration or a hardware error. 
  • After 2 months of struggling with this issue I finally fixed it.  Turned out to be a bad heater cartridge.  I had no idea those things could go bad.  Also, I've noticed on my JG Maker Magic machines, RS does exactly what I proposed in my previous comment.  The server reports a problem has occurred and stops the print.  Not sure why my Prusa machine doesn't do that. 
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