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I own a paid license for Repetier-Server and I have it activated on two raspberry pi's.  Both have been activated, restarted and show as paid and all features work however the Repetier-Server Monitor app says, "License Required - Cannot monitor free instances" for all printers on both raspberry pis.  I have tried removing the Repetier-Server Monitor and deleting all files in %appdata% and it still does it, I would appreciate any help, thanks.


  • Actually sounds like the correct solution. Could still not find out how to produce. What you can also test is while connected with monitor go in regular gui and deactivate license and then activate license again. Then monitor gets the state change directly and should switch immediately.

    The problem seems to come from a cache with old informations. With above solution the data change goes over websocket so can not be cached and I hope it works.

    Do both pis have different server UUID? This is important, but if you copy an existing sd you will have identical pis and that makes also problems. UUID can be changed in general settings->connections.
  • They have different UUID's, to deactivate and activate while having the host monitor open did not help however the second Pi just started to work today.  In the host I can now see the two printers on that Pi ok, but the other one shows license issues still (only in Host Monitor, in the Pi it's fine), I have already restarted it. 
  • I have tried to fully remove and add the server back to the host monitor but it still insists the one server does not have a valid license even though it does.
  • Fixed the following steps exactly are what work:
    1. On the problem server deactivate the license and the reactivate, make sure Repetier-Host Monitor is open and running and configured with that server when you do this (seems to need realtime notifications)
    2. Reboot the server you just fixed the license on, make sure Repetier-Host Monitor is open and running too 
    Once I did those steps with Host Monitor open and running it was ok. Thanks!
  • Thanks for the info. Will recheck involved parts and maybe I see a reason where it gets cached with old info.
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