SLA Printers

I already have Repetier Server up & running hosting my FDM printer (much better than Octoprint, thanks).

I would like to know if I can use an SLA printer with Repetier Server, specifically I am looking at an Elegoo Saturn.

Can anyone confirm if this will work (I have had a hard time finding info on the subject)?

Thanks in advance.


  • Hello.
    SLA printers are currently unsuported.
  • Hey, any Update here? The Elegoo Saturn 2 is incoming
  • No. SLA printers still need different data and most even have no usb interface at all to connect to just for that reason.
  • any update?
  • Don't expect sla support in near future. It depends on printers having a open standard to be remorely controlled in first instance and I do not see that at the moment.
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