M999 error midway through print on daVinci with 80% infill


When I print with low infill (around 40% or lower) I never have issues with my printer.  However, when I go up to 80% or higher the printer fails about an hour into the print with the thermistor temperature dropping and the repetier giving an error M999.  Its happened around 5 times so far and doesn't seem to be a random issue.  It can't be a wire issue because I don't have the issue around any other circumstance besides higher infill. As soon as I drop the infill the problem goes away. Any help would be appreciated.



  • M999 error does come from your printer not from host. We just show the message so you know why printer firmware stopped. So better check the message - maybe firmware is just configured to narrow so temperature just drops more then expected on bigger infills which are often printed faster, so heater needs more power here.
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