USB hub

Hi guys,

has anyone used a usb hub with there pi so as to be able to add more web cams, I’m using a pi 3b+, I have 3 printers running (mk3, and 2 CR-10 v3. I have a pi cam on ribbon on the Prusa, so that frees up one USB port, but with only four ports on the pi, it only leaves me with one port for the web cams. Any suggestions would be great. 


  • Hello, 
    I would highly recommend a active usb hub due to the power consumption of the webcams. 

  • I use a powered USB hub without problems...
  • thanks guys i'll give it a go
  • I recommend USB 3.0 Hubs with external source power 5V 3A. And cover VCC pins in usb plugs to printers to not drain unnecessary power.
    I have 7 printers with that.

    Some usb hubs habe switches to cut off power on each plug.

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