heavy memory usage

Think it's more the Mc/M1 and Safari, but just want to let you know if someone hasn't already that I get this m


  • What is using heavy memory in which case?
    How much is heavy for you? It is a big javascript app running on browser so 50MB memory usage is not much. When you are viewing big layer or other things with much content it can even be more.
    Only thing is it should not increase all the time.
  • I'm just going by what the message in Safari says.. is all I know at this point, don't have a lot of free time at the moment to investigate, just thought I'd throw it at ya so you'd know. 
  • Safari is not complaining about memory. It says "significant memory" which just means it is CPU intensive. Especially the control tab is in deed cpu intensive as it refreshes the bed painting frequently during print. A test showed 75% cpu usage on that tab while switching to print tab it got down to below 3%. But I did not get the message. Maybe it only appears on battery powered osx devices as it is here more relevant.
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