Print Queue - Change Order

At present the Repetier Server Web Interface and TouchScreen (RPi setup) show the Queue sorted by Upload Date/Time. RS Monitor allows you to order by name, etc as well.

What I have encountered is I use the queue a fair bit for parts making up a system, and sometimes I need to move them around in the queue to better manage factors like spool remaining etc. (or I forgot to queue a file).

Is there any option in the web interface to change the order of the queue (move an item up/down) that would be then persistent to the touch screen as well?


  • They get positioned and named with name at insertion. While you can start a different than the first it is currently not possible to reorder them. Would require renaming all files including helper files which is quite dangerous in case of failure. It will create remaining dead files which I want to prevent.
  • Afterwards I got an idea that might help to solve the problem. Need to check all clients and code if that is possible without breaking existing clients, which is the other problem with adding new features.
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