Repetier "Easel"

I've recently found a CNC tool that appears to be similar to a 3D printer for wood carving.  At first glance (I have not studied the product) it seems to use something like Repetier firmware, but a web-based product called "Easel" similar to Repetier Host.  I have a home-built printer that was designed to remove the extruder and install a Dremel tool in its place. 

It would be nice if there was a software product similar to Repetier Host that could slice and create gcode for wood carving, lathe turning, etc.


  • I used SimplyCam to create gcode for repetier-firmware to use it as cnc mill. Had a Shapeoko with repetier running. I guess other cnc software also allow defining the gcode  in more detail. In that package I could modify all commands to create gcode required by repetier software. Not the most advanced software but it worked for what I needed.
  • I just looked at the trial version of SimplyCam.  It takes some editing of gcode (for example, M302 / M109,  and G90 / G0 Z-1), but the resulting Dry Run looks very promising!  Thanks again for all your help!
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