Monitor - View GCode File on Printer - Wrong Name is shown

I am running the lastest Monitor on Windows and have a RPi with the RS 1.1.2.

My 3 printers are setup to share the same gcode folders between them. I.e. I upload to Printer 1, and Printer 2/3 use the same directory.

In Monitor if I clink into 2D/3D/GCode/etc of the file, it shows the correct content but the wrong title. The title appears to be coming from the not-in-use folder of that Printer.

I.e. I have uploaded 3 files as follows:
-- Printer 1 Default: Printer1_1.gcode, Printer1_2.gcode, Printer1_3.gcode
-- Printer 2 Default: Printer2_1.gcode, Printer2_2.gcode, Printer2_3.gcode

But I have then changed the print folder of Printer 2 to use Printer 1.

I see on Printer 2, the as expected, Printer 1 files. They print and can see the 2d/3d/gcode without issue. But the title of the file name in the view area (after i click on 2d/3d/gcode -- it is the right name in the table) it shows the wrong title.

My assumption is that there is a bug with maybe the process to get the title, and it is looking in the Printer 2 Default for title but getting all the content from Printer 1 Default (which is what I am using). 


  • We could reproduce this issue and it will be fixed in the next update, which will be released soon
  • Looks like it was a server issue, so it will be fixed in next server release.
  • Thanks. No trouble at all, I hope my explanation was easy to follow!
  • I was wondering if there was a way for a "back button".

    For example, I have gone to Page 3 of the list of gcodes. Then click into the 3D view of a file.

    The only way I can see to get back to the gcode files is to click on the Print main tab, but then I have to click back to page 3.
  • No, currently that is not remembered. Might be a good idea if we also add a test if files are still there. Otherwise if on some other windows you deleted some files page 3 might not exist any more.
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