Temperature curves

Good afternoon,
is there a possibilty to see the temperature curves via the web interface?
I have attached a touchscreen and there is an icon for the curves and I can see them on the touch screen. This works either if I connect via repetier host to my printer-server (Temperaturkurven).
Is this not implemented in the web interface <ip>:3344 ? There seem to be only the current temperatures but not the curves.


  • Sure. Go to manual control tab and there is a temperature icon that you click. Then you see selected curves so you can see all heaters (bed/extruder/chamber) the same time and much bigger.
  • Thanks Repetier!
    I saw only "Aktueller Extruder Aus" and I thought it is to switch the extruder on and off, but it is to activate the curves. I missed that....
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