Touch Screen - Printer Views - Custom Color

How would I go about customising the Touch Interface to change the goldish color of the UI when I have a printer selected?

Basically, I have 4 printers on one Pi and get confused sometimes when I start/stop. I was hoping to make them maybe like green, red, blue and the gold... Is this achievable through the customisation process?


  • No you can not do that. With our public sources you can change the color, but not dependent on the printer. For that you would need to dive deeply into the provided sources and create 4 css files and switch it dependeing on the active printers slug name. Doable if you are a web developer.
  • I am happy to implement/code this up. Is there a recommended start point on how to determine the file being used on the touch screen to then add in logic for the extra CSS file to be loaded?

    I have taken a look here - and it says to look in the installation directory. Where would this be on the RPi image?
  • No touch screen sources are described here

    On latest image the own versions can be stored on /var/lib/Repetier-Server/www already be default so it can also be backed up.
    One solution might be to have a css variable for colors. I saw bootstrap 5.1 can do this.
  • Thank you - I will look at this more next week.
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