Confusion with duplicate printer settings options

In Repetier-Host, if I select the Slicer tab and the Slic3r option in the Slicer box followed by selecting the configuration cog (next under the Slic3r box). I get a pop up window of the Slic3r program that has a settings drop down menu with printer settings options.
I can also do printer settings on the initial page of Repetier-Host using cog icon top right (which is always there).
I note that the two settings options are completely independent so it is possible to set up conflicting information.
When running the slicer which set of settings will be used to generate the G-code script? If it is as I suspect those set up in the Slic3 program are the printer settings in Repetier-Host only used for manual control? 


  • Hello. Yes you are right, the settings in Repetier-Host are for the control and display functionality and won't be used for slicing.   
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