Ability to download all the gcode of a group in just one click

It would be interesting to be able to download all the gcode present within a group, without having to download them one at a time from the 2D or 3D preview.
The names of the gcodes should be those assigned, not those of the Linux file system, as Repetier Server renames them with its own logic.
Even better if the massive download was in zip archive.


  • You can already store your Gcodes in projects and be able to download all files at once.
    You will get those files packed in a zip archive with their renderings. 

  • edited July 2021
    Yes i know, but it would be useful to be able to do it also in common groups.
    Then as an alternative the possibility of being able to import all the gcodes present in a group into a project, or create a project from the cgodes inside a group.
    Now it is possible to do this individually with the "copy to project" option, but it would be useful to be able to do it in one go for all the gcodes of a group.
    Why not?

  • We need checkboex for this so we can select for which. Monitor has such checkboxes so we can maybe add it there. Regular gui first need to introduce them.
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