Red Thunderbolt on Ubuntu server install?

Good evening,

I recently changed my Server host to a computer running Ubuntu, and I see there is a red thunderbolt in the top right corner. Clicking it, it is saying the following for errors in red text:

/snap/core18/1988: Free 0B
/snap/gnone-3-34-1804/66: Free 0B
/snap/snapd/11036: Free 0B
/snap/snap-store/518: Free 0B
/snap/gtk-common-themes/1514: Free 0B

I am running an i7-8550 with 16GB RAM and a 256GB SSD, though it is headless (no monitor plugged in). I'm not sure why Server is stating there are issues, because otherwise, the computer is running flawlessly. Is this an issue in Server that I should ignore, or is there something I need to do to clear those error statements?


  • Server thinks the drives have no free space which would be bad. But. These are snaps which always have no free space as they are read only. So you can ignore the red marker here. Will add snaps to exception to not even show for updates.
  • Should be fixed in next update. Or edit /var/lib/Repetier-Server/scripts/hardware_info and add after line 63-65
    if [[ "$MOUNT" == "/boot" ]] ; then
    this block:
    if [[ $MOUNT == *"/snap/"* ]]; then

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