Shifted Infill lines with curaengine

New installation of 2.2.2 host, connected to 1.0.4 server, connected to a Davinci 1.0
everything is working great, totally satisified but am able to recreate this issue below.

Start host, load up #3dBenchy on build plate, choose slicer tab, choose curaengine (Default print configuration, no adhesion, .2mm, no support, mid slider speed 50mm/45mm/80mm, 10% infill, Default extruder.)
Slice and examine infill. default infilll isnt what I would call a great pattern at 10%... Lines vs Automatic is better, but while testing them i found this...

So I go into configuration for curaengine, print tab, structures tab, change infill pattern to Concentric Lines. hit save and re-slice.
To see the issue easier, choose speed under colors and show-travel unchecked.
The issue is there is several lines on the preview that contain "layer-shifted?" infill lines. for example line 193 will have red infill lines going outside the model. now here it gets spooky... now go back to the object placement tab, choose the rotate button, then put 244.887 in Z.
Re Slice and verify infill on line 193 now is no longer shifted outside model. 
I've found a few other Z rotations that fix the issue, but I cant say its random nor does a pattern blaringly, but I did try ultimaker cura 4.9.1 and cannot recreate the infil issue there.   

Not a huge issue, I've seen wierder stuff :) but the behavior is odd that just rotating the object to fractional degrees fixes the infill.


  • I see the error, but is inside curaengine and that version won't get any updates from ultimaker as they are already on mayor upgrade, that are not compatible with host integration. Looks like it is offsetting in wrong direction due to orientation error in the outline of fill area. Normal infill is not affected as it only uses outline as limit and nor for generating infill.
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