Hi is there a way to change the color of Repetier host? as in from white background to a darker one, like dark mode in windows 10? My monitor has Ambilight led's on the back and when I open up Repetier host my room lights up like a ufo :)
It is an amazing program by the way, thank you,


  • Sorry, but that is not possible. Colors are fixed in the ui.
  • Repetier said:
    Sorry, but that is not possible. Colors are fixed in the ui.
    Ok thanks, I wonder if there was enough interest would it be implemented in a future update? I have no idea how much work that would involve but it would be sweet!! 
  • I fear it is very much work. Every item needs a logic instead to assign it a color. So i do not see this in the furure. However our repetier-server webinterface has a dark mode. Here all is just html so we could just write a dark mode css.
  • @Pilot_Error Unofficial answer - how are you driving your Ambilight LEDs?  If you are using an open source solution like Adalight an option might be to program simple filter to ignore the window / program with the title or PID of Repetier-Host, this is exactly what I have done with my personal monitor which features Adalight.  If you really want to get fancy it's even possible to force the lighting to match the current print state or progress ;)
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    If you staticly set the colors, wouldn't it be possible to make it a variable that just calls on a switch to determine white or black?

    Don't get me wrong, I like RH, even bought the server, but my eyes are light sensitive, and find myself having to use Cura just to get the dark mode so I can work with the slicers. I'd rather use Host, but not until it has a dark mode.
  • No it is really hard coded meaning I have to change 10000 lines with alternatives and also make a hundred extra images with inverted colors. 

    But in repetier-server we use html where it is controled by css so we could add a dark mode a while agop (in dshboard you can switch and set it also to permanent dark mode)
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