Logging and Plotting of Enclosure Temperature


I have an enclosure in my workshop that holds two printers and my rPi which is running Repetier-Server.  The pi has a touch screen but most of my control is via the web interface.   The temperature in my workshop can fluctuate and I would like to be able to log and plot the temperature within the enclosure.

At the moment I am using a variation on this http://www.pibits.net/code/raspberry-pi-hdc1008-temperature-sensor.php with a plan that I will use plotly or matlab to plot the data.   I would ideally be able to view this then as a simple webpage.

At the moment the python script is running on a nohup and producing a CSV file.  I'm comfortable with producing interval plots as image files.  Its the simple webpage / embedding into RS that is my unknown.  I have done a google and look through the docs but nothing jumped out. 

Has anyone done anything like this or able to offer some pointers?

Thanks in anticipation



  • In /var/lib/Repetier-Server/scripts/ is a script hardware_info that produces the content of the flash menu. You can use this to at least put temperature/humidity into the server gui. This will not produce a graph. Temperature graphs are only for last 5 minutes anyway at the moment. 
  • Ok, thank you.   
  • There is one more thing - 1.0.5 beta for linux is already in good shape and can be downloaded if you change version number. It allows embedding a webpage into the server gui - inside a printer or as global website. On pi nginx is already running, so if you make a webpage that shows your curves in this it is like natively integrated. You can even set an own menu icon for the page.
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    I am trying to do something similar for the TP-Link KASA Energy plugs. I have the data in a webpage and interested in the 1.0.5 beta you mention. I have the 1.0.4 Raspberry Pi image setup, how do i change to 1.0.5 beta for the Raspberry Pi? I noted how to get the linux build 1.0.5 with the message you made above (I have the deb file; but not sure if its the EL or HF variant that I need; I have LBC 2.28 in the RPi Image 1.0.4; but installed the EL).

  • Connect to a terminal session of your RPi, put the deb file on the filesystem and install it with sudo dpkg -i Repetier-Server-1.0.5-Linux.deb
    Usually you should use armhf for RPi 3 and above.
    To check witch version of build your installation supports use, enter the command dpkg --print-architecture
  • Thank you; I have installed the EL but will remove and make use of the HF.
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