White screen

I have installed the repetier server pro v. 1.0.4 on raspberry pi 4b. web interface is working fine on my ios, but doesnt work on windows computer. www is working but has a white screen. any idea how to fix that?


  • Is pi connected with your intranet or over access point with your mobile only?
    What url are you using on desktop? Can you run in console on windows:
    ping ipOfPi
    to see it is reachable from the computer.
  • the pi is connected drirectly to internet via wifi to my home router. from local network windows pc the pi and www are reacheable and working good. I guess it is something wrong at my office network. the port is open. web interface shows up at office, but there is a white screen. I can see there only the top part and nothing else: https://ibb.co/qsgFXHz ; pinging my home ip says: the network is not reachable, 4 packages sent, 4 packages received, 0 packages lost.

  • Your image can not be found, maybe incomplete link.


    in ssh-shell will show you how pi network is configured.
    route -n
    will show routing entries. Normally they are received from network(router) dhcp server. As long as you can not ping the pi web interface will also not work. For debugging you can try connecting with ethernet cable as well - then you normally have direct access and can check why wifi is wrong.
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