Communcation Warning

Hello everyone,

During the last prints my extruder (2 extruder heads: fiber and thermoplast) always stopped while printing the last 2 or three layers.

So I thought it may be a communication error. Hence I changed the printing setting to the following:

port: 4
baud rate. 115200
transfer protocoll: auto detect
RTS: low to high
DTR: low to high
receive cache size: 63 (before 127)
communication timeout: 60 (before 73)
pin pong: off

Now the parts are being printed succesfully, but through the whole printing process I get the following warning in each line:

"Warning: Seems like we missed a ok, got a wait - continoue sending"

and occasionally I get the information which layer is being printing and which extruder is being active.

So I would like to know how to display the current gcode in the log and not just the warning messages?



  • The log console only shows last x lines filtered. You can enable commands there but then you will loose most informations since you don't see it long enough. You should enable logging instead to analyse problems later.

    "Warning: Seems like we missed a ok, got a wait - continoue sending"
    means that the firmware did not send a "ok" resp. it was received as "o" or "k" so the classic communication error that happens from time to time on some printers. Now firmware said "wait" indicating that all commands are executed. So host now knows it missed an "ok" corrects counting and continues. So it is basically a message that the error correction fixed a problem from communication errors.
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